Absolute Truth! Payton hit the nail on the head!

Nicholas Payton

Black or White?

It’s doesn’t matter if it’s David Duke, Donald Trump or the Sanford, Florida police department, White supremacy is all the same. White supremacy doesn’t only come dressed in white sheets and hoods. It’s part of the fabric of our everyday lives. And to be clear, I am not an advocate for Black supremacy, I am an advocate for equality. White supremacy is as much of a burden to the White person as it is to the person of color. No one can be free until we are all free.

Florida is the new Alabama.

Though similar, racism and prejudice are not the same. Prejudice is what got Trayvon killed; racism is why Zimmerman is still free. Lincoln freed the slaves, but he forgot to free the White people. The biggest hurdle in overcoming White supremacy, is that non-racists deny its existence.

White people: if you want to…

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